They’re my boys! Teeeheee ❤

I can’t tell you how much I love my children! They definitely bring joy during our attachment. Seeing them grow thus far is really amazing. Thinking back a year ago, before the young toddlers adjusted to the school and the K2s still in their comfy K1 class, they’ve grown too fast.

Time flies. Comparing their pictures then and now, you can see the vast differences physically. When you talk to them, you know, they are developing beautifully, taking a small step each day to slowly grow up to be a useful person who regrets nothing in the future.

I am truly blessed to be in this line. I love the little ones. It hurts my feelings when people complain that children are noisy, irritating, annoying and are just plain monsters. Well, I know they are all that. But people don’t have the right to complain and hate children. They are afterall just, children.

They may be annoying, figedty, talkative, tiring, noisy, boiterous, roudy, touchy and what nots, but at the end of the day, they’re still new to this world. They need our guidance. Who else would help them grow as a person if it’s not us, adults.

It’s just not cool when you say ‘I HATE CHILDREN’. How can one say that when they were once a child. Poor children. Some adults are just missing out on the fun and love! Their sweet smiles, tender hugs and wet kisses (on the cheek of course).

Ahh my little young ones and my darling K2s! ❤


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