Attempt #398532584 to pout ❤ 

When it comes to planning for the future, I will get terribly excited and so obsessed with it. It’s quite annoying. This happened few years back when I was choosing the poly courses and jc schools.

And currently, I’m digging up all the  possible uni that I can get hold of. I’m trying to compare the Psychology courses and the electives that they offer. And it turns out, not many uni has the kind of elective that I want. Even though I’ll only be applying in the second half of the year, I’m already feeling eager yet stressed out.

I need to stop searching for uni for now till graduation! I gotta focus on my last few assignments and projects, because they’re more important right now. If my GPA drops any lower, I’m just doomed! Feeling really worried for my GPA :/

We can plan all we want, but ultimately, Allah decides everything. Insyaallah things will fall in place in the future.


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