Uni applications are all open. But I’m so lazy to do any admin stuff or write an essay or anything! Can someone do it for me? Sigh. So tedious! Reviewing all the COP GPA makes me feel so dumb. How to even apply for local Uni?! Without a doubt I won’t be able to enter. Sigh.

Singapore. Why is it that getting good and high grades the most important thing? If we don’t get good high grades, our future will be restricted. That is violation of human rights!

I am getting so worried about the future generation! What if we produce a bunch of intellects who can’t read people’s emotions. What would happen to Singapore? The next China? Disgusting.

Though I won’t deny Singapore’s education is top notch. But it’s so unfair for people who are good but just don’t do well. And I am not talking about myself. It’s just so unfair. An education system mainly look on our grades. Even teachers are replacing Moral Education with teaching the core subjects! CIP they say? More like they were forced. Pick up litters at the beach, spring cleaning the school? Sigh. Just how insignificant.

Why Singapore, why?


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