ECH T04 Class of 2012 ❤

There is.. no more school. The end of lectures, tutorials, assignments, the end of school. It still hasn’t settle in, this feeling. So weird yet normal. Maybe when tomorrow comes, I’ll finally realise. The three years getting to know people, falling out, gossips, laughter, cries, such rich memories. From the classmates to the cohort to the juniors and of course MSS, I’ll definitely miss them all. Can’t wait for Pinnacle, the very last camp in NP.

There’s only one thing I’d like to say, “Thank You, Ngee Ann Poly,” really from the bottom of my heart. Alhamdulillah. It was also all possible because of Allah s.w.t. Syukur, ya Allah. Things will not be the way it is, if it’s not for Our Creator. May Allah continue watching over us in our future endeavors.

Ayul, he is someone who I can never forget.  But somehow, I don’t feel anything for him, neither love nor like. I just tend to think of him. Maybe because I know that if we’re meant to be, we’ll meet again someday. I am very proud of him, for finally achieving his dream. I’d really like to meet him someday when we’re both successful in our own ways. By then, we’ll be able to sit down and talk as mature adults and put our past behind us. Yes, I would really love that (: But what a thought!


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