Pinnacle Camp was an eye-opener. Masyaallah, I’ve learnt so much. It’s so memorable, but I just don’t know where to begin. From the personality test to the talks by guest speakers to the games related to Hajj to the extremely enticing skit to the times of crazy cryings and finally it all led to a realisation that this world that we live in is really just temporary.

This world is absolutely nothing compared to the Hereafter. Everything is just a test of endurance, patience etc. I will need constant reminder that I must not be too caught up with this world. And I think sometimes we just don’t realise that we are so blessed to be born as a Muslim. That already gives us a head start to life towards Jannah, hasn’t it?

During the camp, I was lucky enough to be roommates with a beautiful, sweet girl, Mariam, a name given to her after she reverted to being a Muslim. And Masyaallah, her sincerity, willingness and eagerness to learn really touched my heart! It warms the cockles of my heart knowing that she is believer out of her own will. I am so happy for her. May Allah bless her and her family, and may He opens up the heart of her family to accept Islam. Amin.

The camp also did good in a way, because I managed to get a short break from the training. Ya Allah, the training is so taxing and intensive that each day as I enter the room my will to leave was getting stronger and greater! Everything was so overwhelming that I just broke down and cry. That is very typical of me ): But Alhamdulillah, with the strength that He has bestowed upon me and the encouraging colleagues that I have, managed to put myself together and regained all the confidence that was, once upon a time, gone.

Insyaallah, in the remaining 3 days left of training, everything will run smoothly. Amin. And may Allah bless you, my dear reader, whoever you may be (:


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