A scene that I’d love to see with my own eyes. I love you my future babies ❤


I wonder how some girls are able to hold a conversation with guys. I generally don’t talk to guys but with the exception of a handful whom I’ve known for a while. I can’t talk to guys. I feel like there’s nothing I can talk about to them. But that’s not much of a problem, cos I’m okay with not talking to guys.

But it becomes a problem when I like someone. I can never bring myself to even stand close to him. Everytime I so happen to stand near him, my knees feel weak and I’ll get so nervous! And I can’t even utter my words properly! All I can afford to do now is to watch him from afar.

Was talking to Syahida the other day and she kept telling me to be myself when I told her how I wished that I could just talk to him like a friend. How can I be myself?! I can never be myself! my nervousness will just make people feel awkward. I am just not a good conversation starter :/

It’s okay though, having this feeling inside my heart is just enough for me right now. And I am not expecting anything right now. Having someone in mind is really a nice feeling. Even if it means only I feel it. I trust that Allah knows what’s best for me.

I know my future husband is out there somewhere, somehow. Insyaallah, one day Allah will bring us together. Amin.

May Allah bless you whoever you may be (:


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