Calling Mr Lion! 

Got two days MC from the doctor. A good break I have to say. But being sick is horrible! When I got home from the doctor yesterday, I went straight to my room and laid on my bed. Without even washing my legs, removing my hijab. It felt to horrible. My head was thumping so hard, and even without the fans on, I felt terribly cold.

It’s a feeling that I never want to experience again! But at least I gained more time to work on my Newsletter, Progress Report and Portfolio! All have to be done by the second week of May :/ This is crazy.

But anyways, I’m going back to school this Friday for the Faci briefing for the upcoming NPMSS FOC! I am so excited! I really can’t wait to be with the people! How I miss them so much (‘:

And as for the parent’s issue, I guess it’s over for now. But I have to make sure that it doesn’t happen anymore. I can really see that the parents are really testing me. I will keep my head up and still try to gain their trust! A challenge that I have to overcome before I leave in February next year.

May Allah bless you, whoever you may be (:


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