How I miss this baby of mine. Ya Allah, rindunye )’: May Allah ease her burden and bring her back safely this coming June!

I appreciate the effort and support, I really do. But it’s really making me feel worse than I already am. I tried. Though I know it wasn’t my best. But I wanted to be more comfortable and it’s so hard. I’ve never been put in that kind of situation. At the same time I expected some sort of respect.

Just understand that not everyone can be what you want them to be. Everyone has their own unique ways of doing things. You can’t always push someone just because you think that he/she is not ‘in’. You have to understand the people first. You need to know their personality. How are you going to help someone without knowing their strengths and weaknesses?

Judging. That is exact what’s happening. Not in a bad bitchy way kind of judging. People fail to see the importance of understanding before helping. Not many can tell one’s character from the first few meetings. I know some who can and I honestly feel like I am one of them. I can really read people, in fact I love observing people. Possibly that’s the reason why I like listening than talking.

But the end of the day, all I felt was disappointment, angst and just plain horrible. Like as though I let the people down. I just don’t feel good about myself. It makes me doubt my capabilities of a growing adult. Maybe that is why my champs’ parents like to test me. Or this might be the reason why people just don’t take me and my ideas seriously.

Never thought that things would turn out this way. But I won’t dwell in my emotions for too long. I’ll get past this. I definitely will. Again, I am really thankful for effort and support given.

May Allah bless you, whoever you may be.


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