YEMENIS! YEAH MAN! ❤ I still love our flag.

Plug In NPMSS FOC 2012 has officially come to an end. I have nothing else to say. Everything that has happened will forever be etched my my heart. There were happy times, sad times even frustrating time. But it was all bearable because the facis have each other’s backs. Alhamdulillah.

Not once have I regretted accepting the offer to become a facilitator. The trips from work to school may have been tiring or expensive, but it was all paid off. Especially the times when we squeezed our brain to come up with a plot for our skit. We were so close to cancelling the skit. But thinking back, the time and effort put in should not be wasted.

I was almost moved to tears when we gathered outside the LT moments before our skit commenced to do a group doa and takbir. Ya Allah, I could feel our strong ukhwah. I love each and everyone of them! Sayang lah sangat! And also Muhammad has been such a great help and an awesome leader. I really admire how he handles difficult situation and decision making. At times I do get angry, but I still understand why he did what he did at the end of the day.

Another person whom I really cherish is Amalina. She has been such a great pillar of support. I really truly love her! Just like a sister to me. Not to forget Muneeroah and Mimi. Ya Allah, betul punya sayang dengan diorang! Sayang tak terkata! ❤ Kalau boleh, nak jumpe hari-hari! 

I just hope this is not the end of all friendships. Though I know it might be hard to meet up in the future, I still strongly feel that we will meet again, somehow, Insyaallah. And eveything was a success because of Allah. The One and Only God. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

May Allah bless you, whoever you may be (:


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