So I have received an offer from University of Queensland. The thought of accepting them right away is really tempting. But I am still trying to keep my options open. At time, especially times like this, I just wanna accept now! I really just feel like going away, to start fresh and leave everything behind. Cause that’s what I’m best at – running away.

When problems surface, I don’t want to confront them, because I’m scared or maybe sometimes irritated even. I’d rather bury it deep down, than confront and talk it out. Because at the end of the day, everything that happened is my fault. I could have done something about it knowing that it is going to happen. Or I should not be so petty and just let it go.

Feelings, friendship, expectations, they really are excruciatingly scary! All I wanna do is just run away, to a place where no one knows me, where I can just lay low – thus the reason why I’d willingly accept the offer. I just can’t manage my own thoughts and feelings right now. Because of that sacrifices have to be made till I am absolutely clear of what I want and need.

But honestly, I wonder who am I to you. You, yes you, whoever you are, reading my blog. Who am I to you? Because I don’t know how much I mean to people.

I wish you’d care and remember me like how I always always always remember you. But I know you don’t and I don’t expect you to either. I really miss seeing you around ):

May Allah bless you, whoever you may be (:


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