Friends since primary school. They’re just like siblings to me. I can just tell Syaza every single thing! I can trust her with everything. And Farhan, he is the most loyal and friend ever. He protected both of us well (‘: I am so proud of what both of them have achieved. Love them so much! ❤

Amalina, Suyi and Faiza. They never fail to cheer me up. From them I have learnt so much. They probably are the reason why I went to Vietnam back them. Each of them have their own colourful personality. And best of all, they allowed me to just let loose and go crazy! I really love them ❤ Even though we only meet once every few moths, I am glad we still are as close as ever (‘:

So thankful for the friends I have. There are many other close friends that I have made over the years. Hopefully I’ll post them up once they start giving me the pictures/once we meet. Over the years, it really is very hard to meet up with each other. But despite that, we still manage to stay as close as we have always been. Alhamdulillah.

May Allah bless all of my friends and you, whoever you may be (:


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