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Been wanting to post this up before 2013 came, finally had the time now. 2012, to me, was the best year, in my 20 years of living. Alhamdulillah. It was the start of a new journey. I overcame so many challenges, was given so many opportunities and managed to strengthen all relationships.

What I treasured most was the time spent with my dear family. I must say, it’s the first time we finally have had peace with each other. When we spent time together, it felt so surreal. Less fights, more heart to heart talks. The best was finally being able to relate to my brother. I never knew things would turn out this way, I am really grateful it did. For the past 4 years, I have been trying to get closer to my brother, because of conflict of interest, it was not easy. What I went through with my brother, was really hell throughout my life. But Alhamdulillah, all is well now. Only He knows how much all these mean to me. May Allah continue to strengthen our family ties.

In 2012, I had my first ever real job. I’ve started working even before graduating! No, scratch that, even before I ended school. It’s almost 11 months since I have been working now. I’ve grown so much as a person ever since I’ve entered the ‘real’ world. But at the same time, it was my first time ever feeling so stressed out, even till now. But I still won’t deny the many things that I have learnt and the opportunities given to me to develop more to be a better person. From this experience, I’ve also learnt a lot about myself, and I proud to be who I am now. But, there is always a but, it’s so hard for me to meet the deadlines! Nonetheless, Alhamdulillah, I’ve met so many great colleagues and my love for children have never been this strong. I know that I’d want to work with children in the future too.

Lastly, my friendship ties. It really tested all my friendship bonds built with people whom I love! Alhamdulillah, it survived and became stronger than ever! I am really thankful to have such supportive, fun friends, who always reminded me of Him. They really motivated me directly and indirectly. They are always, always there when I needed them. They never once judge me (or maybe they did, did you? hahaha) when I shared my stupid/lame moments. I am so thankful that they still stood by me after all these years. May Allah bless each and everyone of them.

One last of the last thing that I’ve never regret knowing in the year of 2012, is him. Thinking back in 2011, when I suppose he does not know I exist, to 2012 when he finally got my name right. I remember every single moment when he is around. He helped me tremendously indirectly, though he does not know it. Sometimes when I get so stressed at work, getting a simple mention from him could lift up my spirits instantly! He just has that effect on me. Even till now.. though it was awkward the last time I met him and we didn’t even talk or tegured each other, as though strangers. But it’s okay, I am still happy that there are other means to communicate with him. May Allah bless him (:

Thank YOU, for taking your time to read this long post of mine. May Allah bless you and your family always (:


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