NPMSS PLUG IN FOC 2013 TEAM FNB: Fiq, Ama, Isa, Madey. Sayang lah sangat dengan korang!

Alhamdulillah! So blessed to be given a chance to be part of Plug In 2013 again, in Team FnB! Many new friendships were forged and old friendships strengthened throughout this journey. It’s really unfortunate that I am only able to attend for a day in the actually camp. Though I badly wanted to go for all three days. But Allah has his reasons. Nonetheless, I really love our team, our spirit.

With every job at hand, it was never easy, but we made it a point to make it fun. Every single second spent with the team was all filled with joy and laughter. We all played our roles well. Everyone was being so enthusiastic and helpful despite feeling tired and fatigue. Marha marha team FnB!

May Allah bless our friendship till Jannah, InshaaAllah, Ameen! ❤




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