Had a talk with Arifah last night, which got a wee bit serious. It was a topic about marriage. It’s a really unavoidable topic now that we’re really at a marriageable age. I was watching a video about how the two couples met and they shared some really interesting points to know when you are ready for marriage.

What I’ve learnt from that video, is that, it’s not wrong to want to make the first move and approach a guy. I know some people have said that but it wasn’t as impactful as the way she conveyed the idea. It also doesn’t matter if you haven’t set aside some money for marriage, because Allah swt will be the one who’ll give us our rezeki. And we all know that marriage is a beautiful thing in Islam. If we get married, we’re heeding Allah’s Words. So we shouldn’t be afraid if we have yet to have enough money.

It was from that video, that I realised, I think, I might want to get married. Not now, since I still have family commitments and school, but three years down the road. Three years down the road, Arifah and I will want to look back to this day and see, if the man we’ve married is the man we have thought of. InshaaAllah!

Jodoh and pertemuan semuanya Allah yang tentukan. Kita hanya mampu berdoa kepadaNya. May Allah bless you and your family, whoever you may be (:


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