Ya Allah, saya teramat sangat rindu Ramadhan ): InshaaAllah, kami semua dapat bertemu dengan Ramadhan yang akan datang tahun depan. Ameen. 

As of now, I am just counting down the days till school starts. People keep asking me, what are my thoughts and feelings about school starting. I honestly, don’t know. I feel nothing as of now. I am really excited for school to start again, to be learning something new, to be able to lead a hectic schooling life, to actually be busy with my brains. But other than that, I feel nothing. Or maybe, I refuse to feel something. For if I did, I might just bawl like a baby.

Being away from family and friends, I don’t even dare to indulge in the thought of it. But, then again, I am just going to Malaysia and I am very confident that I will excel, InshaaAllah. This time, I am very pumped to do my best. Make sure that there is no space for regret.

Ya Allah, I just can’t believe I am going to start another new journey. I wouldn’t know where my destination will be in this world, but InshaaAllah, I will find it slowly. I actually have thoughts to be a doctor. Jeng jeng jenggggggg! It’s like a childhood dream, for almost everyone I’d say. But I don’t know. I want to get married in three years time, but at the same time, I still want to further my studies. It’s okay, I’ll take a step at a time. Allah knows best!

And I am serious about wanting to get married in three years time. Really no kidding. But that is of course if Allah presents me with my other half, if not, I will move on with life, without any heartbreaks. If he is meant for me he will be, InshaaAllah. Doakan lah saya ye sesiapa yang baca blog saya yang tak seberapa! Terima kasih! ^^

May Allah bless you and your family, whoever you may be (:


One thought on “DOCTOR, PERHAPS?

  1. nrlfiqah says:

    ameen insyaAllah! boleh kahwin sambil belajar per teehee nampaknye Nad yang naik pelamin dulu! 😛

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