One of the highlights of 2013 – being with the less fortunate ❤

Finally we are almost reaching the end of the year. (Posting this today because I’m going back to Singapore tomorrow!) Looking back, 2013, wasn’t exactly the best year I’ve experienced. In fact it’s the year that I encountered multiple changes. But I am thankful it all happened. Time and again, I have mentioned, I have no regrets in life. The choices I made, the steps I took, they were all solely my own doings irregardless of a positive or negative outcome. Whatever success or failures I had, they were exactly what I deserved. But from all these experiences, obviously I gained something out of it, a learning point.

The biggest change this year, was taking a step forward into another phase of life – the university life. Alhamdulillah, I am so full of gratitude for being able to be right back in school, to study what I have always wanted to. Though the beginning of the journey was not easy – then again, beginnings are never easy – I managed to integrate myself into it. With great friends, conducive learning environment, organizing home visits, collecting numerous eye candies, complaining about the transport system, the list is endless! Being in a university has provided me with so much experience and I hope I, together with my friends will continue to strive better in the next three years in school. InshaaAllah, Ameen!

Another biggest change this year was pertaining to my health. This would be my first time publicly talking about my health. This year, I have had worries about my health and weight. I was getting fatter and fatter by the day and it scared me and my mother. I knew I needed to do something about it. So, we consulted a doctor and he kept track of my diet and exercised, for the first month. Then with lots of discipline and support from all my friends, I managed to cut down a lot on food and weight! Of course I am happy now that I feel healthier, but the journey does not stop here. I have to continue with my diet and exercise to finally achieve my ultimate healthy weight goal. Dieting was not easy at first, but now, I got the hang of it. I still get to eat what I want to eat and yet I am still shedding weight – so please do not worry about me and I am not staving myself, my dear friends. I hope I can continue to press on for the sake of my health!

One last huge change this year has got to be my family ties. My relationship with my family has been really great actually, well until I stopped working, somehow. My relationship with my father, to be specific. It got so bad that I just avoid talking to him. But after I moved to Malaysia, I guess it all settled down. Our father-daughter relationship resumed as per normal. But that’s not the only thing, in fact, my emotional relationship with my mother has greatly heightened! My mother is not the type who would readily confess her love for people. But lately, she has been saying ‘I love you’ to me and I honestly love it. I am definitely my parents’ favourite kid – laugh all you want, but I’m telling you, it’s true, okay no.

Experiencing change in environment, change in self, change in emotional relationship, were definitely the biggest change in my life. 2013 may not be a year full of flowers, but it was a year full of lessons. With every experience, it presented me with a lesson, with every lesson, I became more mature, with maturity (hopefully) I became a better person. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah! I look forward to what 2014 has got to offer.

May Allah bless you and your family, whoever you may be (:


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