Because I ate so much today, I have decided to sleep a little later than usual just to let my stomach digest all that junk in my tummy. Please don’t laugh or judge me. Thank you very much.

So recently, my friends and I went to Port Dickson for a short getaway. It was a really nice break. But somehow, deep inside me, I don’t feel complete only because, I wished my family was there with me. Because I wished they were able to take a break from the hectic Singapore life. Because I wished my parents were able to pamper themselves. I just wanted them to be with me, not only because I miss them, but I want them to break away from work, with me.

After being away from my family for so long, I realise that, at the end of the day, my priority will forever be my family. I can’t believe back then, when I was 16 I wanted study abroad to get away from my family. Now, when I am abroad, I realise I want to be with them more than ever! I sound like a kid whining for my parents’ presence, but oh well, that might as well be true. You have no idea how crazy I miss my family. I miss sleeping with my sister, getting the last touch because I am older, I miss my brother consulting me with everything before he decides on something, I miss how he mischievously try to scare me but fails so miserably, I miss having my siblings with me to fight and argue, to sing and laugh. (Adik if you are reading this, don’t laugh because you miss too and I know it. Hahaha!)

And of course, my dear parents, I just miss their presence so very much. It’s insanely crazy how much I miss them! But seeing my parents still working so hard just to feed us, send us to school and still taking care of us even though we’re all considered as young adults, it breaks my heart. I am sure everyone can relate to this. Part of me can’t wait for this semester to end so I’ll be able to work my ass off to be able to sustain myself if I ever get to go for UK exchange next year. I need to help ease off my parents burden as much as possible! My mother and I will be selling some kuih raya this Hari Raya, so be sure to look out for it! And do support us okay. It’s to fund my studies!

At the end of the day, the only people who will eventually accept you no matter what you have done, will be your family members. How blessed are we to be given a proper family and yet it’s so sad how some people find it a chore to be with their family.I can’t wait to see my family once again! I’m going home in 14 days’ time! And the best thing is my parents think I am actually going home on the 2nd May, when I am really going back on the 29th April. Can’t wait to surprise them! I expect my mother to cry when I pop by her office. Kidding.

May Allah bless you and your family, whoever you may be (:


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