In merely 13 days, we’ll be done with our first year in UNMC. How fast time flew. It felt as though it was just yesterday I was working in a childcare, dying to be back in school. What happened through this entire academic year? So much. So so so much happened, thankfully for me, they’re all positive encounters, be it with people or experiences. There were some pitfalls and whatnots, but it was all manageable. Still part and parcel of life right?

When I leave this place, I know I will miss my life here. The freedom of being able to structure my own time on my own, without anyone to tell me that I can’t is going to be what I’ll miss most. I’m not trying to indirectly say how my parents are overbearing, they are nothing of that sort. But, I like how I have my own time to manage. The responsibility of having to delegate my own tasks. That’s what I like.

But when I get back to Singapore, it’s back to integrating my life with my family, which means more responsibility, which means, let’s face it, CHORES. I haven’t been doing chores (except for just mine) for a few months now. Honestly speaking, I’m pretty reluctant to do the chores at home as well! (HAHAHA. No surprise there). But no, I know, as a daughter, it’s by default my duty to help ease my mother’s burden, I have to help with the chores. Already complaining beforehand. Being ungrateful much, Nadhirah?

But nonetheless I am excited to go back home. I get to cook for my family and bake to frost cakes and cupcakes and cookies and tarts and anything bake-able! I am super hyped. I’ve been itching to frost and bake so badly these days. All I can afford to do is watch videos of people frosting and baking. Sigh. I wanna do that too.

On the side note, I’ve got two job interviews waiting for me when I reach Singapore. Please make prayers for me! I really need the two jobs to financially support myself in UK (InshaaAllah, if I manage to attain the 55% and above results). Thank you.

Since it’s the exam period already, may Allah ease all our affairs and may He bless you and your family, who ever you may be (:

(Alright, back to stats!)


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