Love the serenity of travelling alone. 

It’s been almost a week since I came back home to Singapore. Alhamdulillah, I managed to secure myself with a job in a new centre. Although I have so many complaints, I will hold it in and not furiously type in here.

It’s great to be able to work with children after a year of being child-deprived. I guess, I would be working with children in the future too. Seeing how kids just recharge me! Even right now, I can’t stop thinking of them. I feel like some psychotic person talking about kids. They are just so adorable and hug-able and kissable and it’s nice to make fun of them because, they’ll still love you no matter what (‘:

It reaffirms my decision of being a child psychologist. InshaaAllah! But I am clueless to what I have to do to become one. I’ll find out soon, slowly. But for now, I need to find another part time job. Keeping myself busy this holidays to earn some cash to ease off my parents’ burden!

If any of you have any part time job openings, please share with me! Thank you! May Allah bless you and your family, whoever you may be (:


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