I was searching for possible internship which then led to the consideration of getting a scholarship which led me to numerous websites that had pictures on it. From the pictures, I realised how most of the people in the pictures were of the majority race. I have nothing against the majority race in Singapore, I personally have close friends of that race, but, I still feel the need to be with my own own people. That realisation led to knowing how being with my people gives me unspeakable comfort. To me, that is really a big of a deal.

Ultimately the night search for internship led to considering working and living in Malaysia after I have graduated. I love Malaysia. It’s a scenic country with natural landscapes and beautiful islands. The access to halal food is unlimited, where almost everything is halal. Not only their malls cater fully to praying 5 times a day, but also at rest pit stops areas and schools. Not forgetting the delicious kampung dishes, cheap houses and cars. Bottom line is, the majority race is Malay. 

Who wouldn’t want to live in Malaysia? Well, those are practically their unique selling point. Singapore is definitely better in other aesthetic aspects, cleanliness, easy mode of transportation and the English language command. I still like the idea of English being our first language. One worry that I have working in Malaysia is the primary language that will be used in the company that I might work with. 

But living and working in Malaysia is just an option. We shall see where Allah had planned for me to be in the future. As for now, let’s keep our options open and grab as many opportunities as we can! 

May Allah bless you and your family, whoever you may be (:



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