Met our mentor during lunch break and he asked each of us what we’d like to do after we’ve graduated. Some knew what they wanted to achieve, others were still considering, which is good because you should be keeping your options open. As for me, I have my options but I am not going to decide on anything just yet.

Ultimately, which ever path I choose to take on in the near future should ideally be one that leads to my goals in life. The achievement of a dream is a sweet triumph. The more satisfaction you get after you put in effort, the more motivated you are to go further. Not implying that life has been easy for me, but having gone through every phase in life one step at a time reaped the rewards.

So back to what I wanted to accomplish after I graduate? One thing for sure is, I’d very much would love to start working again. How perfect would it be if I get scholarship for my Masters? InshaaAllah, Ameen! Make prayers for me okay, I’ll definitely put in effort for it too. InshaaAllah I will pray for your well being too, if you cross my mind, whoever you are.

May Allah bless you and your family, whoever you may be (:


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