This is the most whiny, fickle minded and annoying friend ever. But she has the sincerest of heart  and ever so eager to listen. She, I’d say would be a friend indeed ❤

Just like seasons, people change. I respect and acknowledge the good changes in people. But when one changes, inevitably their beliefs and views, change and strengthens, or probably discarded. When that happens, the relationship between two people changes undoubtedly. The relationship might strive to a greater height, or crumble and fall. The latter would be prominent if either one failed to see the change in another.

All I ask for was help. All I needed from them was their presence for 5 hours. But no, they had to prioritise gymming and laziness. Maybe it is unfair of me to blame them entirely. But I just hated the idea of having to be alone with a stranger whom I’ve only met in less than 24 hours.

In my point of view, they couldn’t careless with how I feel and what I belief in. They don’t know what has changed in me. They’re ignorant with what I wanted do to. Or maybe I failed to explain clearly. Oh well, it might as well be my fault. But I just wished they respected a bit more than this.

From I’ve learnt from this experience, I realise that all these while, they’re just laughing friends. Nothing more than that. Never thought after 13 years of friendship, it has come to this. But, I honestly don’t see why I should make an effort to let them into my life anymore. I’d be there when they need a listening ear, but I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable to talk to them as how I’ve used to.

I’m not ending our friendship, I’m just prioritising my other friends more who’d help me in a heartbeat. I just need a break from them. Almost 23, I’ve finally realised who truly are my friends and who aren’t. I’m not sad. I’m just disappointed. But all is still well. I’m all right, but I know it’s time to stop wasting time with people who’re only my laughing friends.

May Allah bless you and your family whoever you may be (:


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