Goodbyes are hard.
Parting is real.
Tears will be shed.
For the end has finally arrived.

Home is calling me.
And I welcome its call with open arms.
But one foot is moving forward ready to for the future,
While the other is rooted to the present, refusing to move.

Leaving means there’s no turning back.
And yet leaving means the start of a new journey.
Neither is leaving bad nor is it good.
But inevitably leaving sure is missing.

Missing the times spent together,
Missing the fights we had with each other,
Missing the people we fell for,
Missing the life we once led.

Grateful I am, to have met everyone.
We’ve learnt, cried, loved and fought.
But through it all we grew and survived,
Cared and accepted for who we all are.

Alas, my time here is up.
I pray for nothing but the best.
But fret not because this goodbye is only momentary,
For if God wills, we shall meet again.


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