News of engagement and wedding invitations keep rolling in and I am excessively happy for each and everyone of them. May their marriage be blissful till Jannah. Ameen. Despite the joyous news, there are a minority of us, who have yet to meet someone and who might feel the pressure of not being in the same boat.

To be honest, I am not pressured at all, because I like how my life is right now. It is nice having only myself to depend on, because only I know myself best (plus I’ll be very much free to visit Malaysia again as and when I’d like). However, there are several others who are actually feeling pressured by this.

So I’d like to share a little bit of how I actually come to terms with not having someone right now.

Believe and have faith
Be confident in believing that there will be someone out there written just for you. As a Muslim, I strongly believe that Allah has saved me someone worthy. Each day (habis pecah rahsia) I earnestly pray that when the time has come He will grant me a pious man who will be able to lead me our children. And I believe in His timing and I have faith in His plans. Even if my prince charming is taking his own sweet time, I still believe it is for the better. It actually gives us more time to better ourselves for each other. (I’d like to think that my prince charming is taking his own sweet time because he is learning household chores right now, so he can do them for me when we get married. hahahaha).

Catch your dreams
Being single also gives you the great opportunity to live with yourself longer. Honestly, I am enjoying my carefree life right now, without being tied down with other responsibilities. I am able to focus on what I’d want to achieve next to ultimately reach my goal. So embrace your single-hood and pursue your dreams freely. Yes, you might feel lonely certain times through out your dream catching journey, but that’s just something you have to deal with. For me, I’d spend my lonely time watching Korean dramas, trying to pick up their language (hoping to visit there next year). So, just find something that distracts you from feeling lonely. (Not sure if this advice is psychologically valid, but it works for me. hahaha). 

Believing in the right timing and having faith in His plans has allowed me to be more patient. So while waiting for someone to come along, let’s take this time to go after our dreams and do whatever it is that we’ve always dreamed of doing. Who knows while chasing our dreams, we’d cross path with our prince charming?

InshaaAllah you and I will be blessed with someone who will be able to love us for His sake, in the (near) future. Ameen!


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