Having a set of goals really help me steer in the direction of the future. At the moment, my goals are tightly connected to continuing my experience overseas. Recently I met a wonderful lady from France, but lives in Switzerland. Coincidentally, I have plans to visit Switzerland with my sister at the end of this year. And this wonderful lady invited me to stay at her place for the whole time that I’ll be at Switzerland. How sweet!

Having friends from the country that you visit gives travelling so much more meaning. I am highly anticipating this trip! InshaaAllah, we will be visiting Milan as well as Lyon! Let’s work hard now to be able to make this short term goal a reality!

This list of short term goals that I have is the very reason why I keep striving to do my best. And honestly, work isn’t a burden at all. It’s just physically draining. But Alhamdulillah, I am coping well. I hope to see more progress in the future.

May Allah bless you and your family, whoever you may be (:


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