Alhamdulillah, in this blessed month of Ramadan, Allah has granted my du’a, to get a job and to be enrolled in the Masters in Counselling Programme. I believe that it is an opportunity to upgrade myself and with the knowledge that I attain, it will be my responsibility to use these skills to help the Ummah. InshaaAllah.

From now till I am 30, inshaaAllah kalau panjang umur, I at least have a set of goals to achieve. Bismillah!

May Allah bless you and your family, whoever you may be (:



I told myself that I would not take another teaching job. And here I am, being offered yet another teaching position. Feeling torn, unsure if I am ready to go through the ordeal of being an educator once again. I am obsequiously certain I would enjoy the children’s company, but what about the responsibilities and the baggage that comes with it?

I am worried. All I can do now is to believe in the path Allah has paved for me. Even more so in Ramadhan. I am still awaiting the outcome of my Masters application. It will be of great help to decide if I know the results. Alas, at the end of the day, Allah knows what is best.

May Allah you and your family, whoever you may be (:


Shaykh Mendes shared in his talk that Allah has given each and everyone of us a purpose in life. It is our duty to seek our true purpose. More often than not, doing what makes us happy is our reason for living. Our responsibility is to make our goal in life to be of a service to Allah.

Alhamdulillah, I have found my purpose. I believe that I wasn’t named “Nadhirah” by coincident. From the very beginning Allah has placed my purpose in life in my own name, which means, radiance. This itself, is just so beautiful. I hope with my presence I can bring happiness and calmness that gives gratitude to Allah and his Messenger, InshaaAllah.

And I would like to take this opportunity to seek your prayers. I have just submitted my application to pursue my education in counselling, hence, I hope anyone who reads this, put their hands together and make du’a for me. InshaaAllah!

Alhamdulillah. May Allah bless you and your family, whoever you may be (:



Alhamdulillah. I have always held tightly onto my belief that children need to grow holistically. Yesterday I had the opportunity to learn and have more insights on the Prophetic parenting. It is good to know that our current early childhood management theories and practices are in line with the Prophetic parenting. The only missing portion would be molding the spiritual being of the child.

I’ve benefited much from this workshop, Alhamdulillah. Although I do not have any children, nor am I married, I believe that with this knowledge I am able to put it to good use for the youths and children I am working with, InshaaAllah.

May Allah bless you and your family, whoever you may be.

P.S: Shaykh Mendes was such a great speaker. I think I am in love. hahahaha.


Chanced upon two pieces of write up shared by a dear friend. In these two writings, there were two golden nuggets (because I just ate a nugget) that I took away.

If someone thanks you, know that he thanks for Allah. He is not offering thanks to your ego. Stay on the outside of this transaction; you are nothing more than a facilitator, in this transaction, a facilitator of this gratitude between the seeker and the Sought, between the servant and the Master.

Taken from HERE.

The more physical light we have, the more we’re able to see. Likewise, the more spiritual light in your heart, the more of the spiritual world we’re able to see. And this is the objective, the primary benefit of Islamic belief, Islamic law, and Islamic spirituality (Iman, Islam, and Ihsan), of knowing the signs of the Day of Judgment – so that more Light comes into your heart so that you can see the world as it truly is, and you can understand the Universe as it truly is.

Taken from HERE.

In a nutshell, these two articles talked about believers as only a vassal in this world that relays the greatness of Allah and about how we are able to understand our true existence by increasing the spiritual light in our hearts.

Everyone should read these articles. I had such an enlightening moment and realised how little my presence is in the world the Al-Mighty created. SubhanAllah. May Allah bless us with sincere hearts and right intention to serve and obey His commands and may He bless you and your family, whoever you may be (:


Feminism is about gender equality. But can men and women ever be equal? Just like how you aren’t able to judge the ability of a fish to climb trees, it’s cynical to say men and women should be equal.

Women nowadays are driven, I applaud. But men and women can never equal, even biologically we are very much different. However, we often forget that in Islam, men are the maintainers of women as women holds a much more hefty responsibility of raising the children of the future.

Women shouldn’t be scared to take a step back and focus on themselves, building their Iman. We are talking about shaping the future generation and it is our duty as women to teach our young boys the importance of respecting women and protecting them, not because women are weak, but out of respect for women.

We do not need gender equality. We need the Ummah to know their responsibilities as a man and a woman. Honestly, I am not entirely sure of what exactly is my responsibility as a woman but InshaaAllah, learning about the lives of the wives of the Prophets will give me an insight.

InshaaAllah I will share more about what it means to be a woman in my next post. In the meantime, girls, let’s chill okay. May Allah bless you and your family, whoever you may be (:



“If you can’t remember some memories based on your emotions, then you might have problems. You might be suppressing memories or emotions”.

When I heard that, I almost weeped. Almost. It felt as though all these years I have suppressed something inside me, my deepest darkest memories. When we were told to recall those dark memories, I almost break. Almost. I cannot. If I were to let the memories loose, I won’t ever have a piece of mind. It is best kept inside, deep down inside where no one could see or tell what I went through.

At the very least, I always have my faith to hold on to. without my faith, honestly I don’t think I will be where I am today. Alhamdulillah. Whatever I am suppressing, I think I can still continue doing so, for as long as I have my faith strongly with me.